The value of SMS aggregators from Intis Telecom for business

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The value of SMS aggregators from Intis Telecom for business

Intis Telecom Global SMS provider is the creator of many excellent solutions. The company's offices are located in Kazan, Vilnius and London. There are representative offices in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Germany, Israel, USA, Hong Kong. The company delivers messages to subscribers of 1200 mobile operators in 180 countries of the world.

Intis Tele was founded in 2008 in the Kazan city. The company started using the bulk text messaging software in 2009. During 2010, the company's sales volume increased from 10 thousand to 10 million per month. Further, the company grew rapidly in the in the service market.

IntisTele offers an SMS gateway solution for websites from different sectors:

  • for banks, payment services and other companies from the financial industry;
  • for e-commerce (online stores) and other commercial enterprises;
  • for clinics, beauty and health salons and other enterprises from this industry;
  • for couriers, taxis and other transport/logistics companies;
  • for websites, hosting and other types of online business;
  • for public security services, satellite surveillance, alarm systems.


The Advanced SMS Platform (ASMSP) is SMS aggregator software to help optimize the business. The platform that helps to optimize costs by improving interaction with SMS traffic providers. And our own bulk SMS gateway helps to distribute messages through different formats.

The value of SMS aggregators for business

Bulk SMS gateway helps to convey information briefly. No one likes to read long letters. On the contrary, everyone values their time and wants to see the key information immediately. Emails in e-mail often do not attract such attention. Mainly because people rarely check their email immediately after receiving new emails. In addition, email newsletters often automatically fall into "spam", and the user may never see them at all. In the case of SMS mailing, the probability that the message will be read is almost 100% — that's why this service remains relevant for business.